Blog with your mobile phone via WAP

With the WAP-page I wrote you can post to your wordpress with a picture and text from your mobile phone. Only open a WAP-page in your phone and enter the data.


  • xHTML-capable mobile with support for ‚content upload’*
  • gd-library integrated in PHP


  • upload a picture from your mobile phone and automaticly include it in your post
  • choose your category by dropdown menu


  • download the file and copy the included files and the ‚wp-images‘ directory into your wordpress main directory
  • For password protection you must use the login name and password from ‚Writing by e-mail‘ under ‚options -> writing‘. Do not use the same login name and password from your WordPress login! Data will be send unencrypted!
  • also choose the category where you want your posts to be shown (Default post by mail category)
  • in wp-wappost.php you have to edit the path to your uploads and possibly disable the Nokia JPEG fix


  • just open http://domainname.tld/wp-wap.php in the browser of your mobile phone and enter your data… that’s it ;-)
  • the default category is the one you have chossen in your ‚writing by e-mail‘ options


  • standard poster is the user with id 1; you can easyly change this by editing the line $post_author = 1; in wp-wappost.php


Don’t hesitate to give feedback! Though this blog is in german your welcome to comment in english. I realy would be interested where in the world and with which mobile phone this little tool works :-).

have fun with your moblog ;-)

same in german

an example

* known supported mobiles:

  • Nokia: any newer camera phone (search for ‚content upload‘)
  • Sony Ericsson: K750i and W810i works, maybe P800, P900, P910; but not Z1010 or K700i (look here)
  • Siemens: S65 doesn’t work
  • Motorola: v600 doesn’t work

It seems, that only Nokia supports this technology… let’s see, if this changes in the future!

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66 Kommentare zu Blog with your mobile phone via WAP

  1. AskedRelic sagt:

    Hey, thanks for the plugin. I tweaked it a bit, but it saved me time! Vielen danke!

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  3. Mr Huu sagt:

    Hey really great plugin! Thanks!

    Some feature suggestions: I tried to upload a 3gp video file for the sheer hell of it and even though it gave me a pile error messages on the phone and just showed an empty image placemarker on the webpage, when I clicked it, the video started running just fine :-)

    So my suggestions are to
    1) Add some regocnition of 3gp files and not process them at all, but instead just upload them.

    2) add a default video thumbnail image that the program would display for 3gp files. Getting a thumbnail of the video itself is probably tricky, put even a generic thumbnail would be nice. Any chance?

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  5. Peggy sagt:

    tried this plugin with WordPress 2.2, an error with „Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagecreatefromjpeg() in…/wp-wappost.php on line 40
    „. GD libary is ok. Can’t find the problem. Any comments?

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  7. alex sagt:

    Moin, ich nutzte dein cooles Plugin auch auf meiner Seite. Jetzt nur eine Frage, kann ich den Teil, der immer das Bild als Link einfügt irgendwo entfernen? Also das quasi nur das Bild angezeigt wird und nicht noch mal auf sich selbst verlinkt ist? Ich hab jetzt so spontan nichts gefunden und so richtig auskennen tu ich mich nich mit php ;-).. aber ansonsten geiles Teil!!

  8. Nishant sagt:


    Doesn’t work for Motorazr v2. No file browse button but a text field :(, any workarounds?

    Works for Nokia N-series

  9. Susanna sagt:

    Works like a charm with SonyEricsson K850i :)

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  11. Fred sagt:

    Excellent invention, thank you Nik.

    I found I had to go for the minimum picture size available on my K800i (VGA).

    Also, anyone deleting the Nokia fix from wp-wappost.php should of course be careful not to introduce syntax errors in the process.

    I’m still getting a lot of red ink error messages complaining that ‚JPEG library reports unrecoverable error… line 40… not a valid JPEG file… not a valid Image resource…‘

    And – this may be a problem with my database – to delete my test posts I had to edit them individually – for some reason they resisted being deleted from the usual Manage Posts tab.

  12. Hey, first of all I would like to say thanks for the plug in – it works great!

    I guess my question is could you help me figure something out. I have been looking through the code and was wondering if there was a way to just do an HTML resize of the image and no thumbnail? If you could please help me with this that would be great! Ill be going on a trip to Boston and I want to mobile blog the whole trip.

    Thanks again
    Kevin Neberman.

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  15. jens sagt:

    Very nice photo uploader.

  16. ilhana sagt:

    works perfect with only text with me. but when adding a photo i get:

    „Warning: move_uploaded_file(wp-images/2009/DSC01007.JPG) [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/sorandom/public_html/wp-wappost.php on line 32

    Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: Unable to move ‚/tmp/php002SMv‘ to ‚wp-images/2009/DSC01007.JPG‘ in /home/sorandom/public_html/wp-wappost.php on line 32
    Error: picture upload failed!“ :(:(

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